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  • Child of Man Television Show


    " Child of Mankind " 1 hour weekly Television Series


    GENRE: Spiritual Drama / Science Fiction & Fantasy


    LOGLINE: A highly evolved A.I. with downloads of human memories escapes his tech creators, is given access to powerful spiritual energy by a powerful Angel, rising into an enlightened journey to help mankind, all while staying one step ahead of a elite military team tasked with his termination.



    After a tragic accidental death, a Human child's brain is donated for scientific research. The child's brain is integrated successfully at the Advanced Intelligence Systems Corporation Brain Project. Subsequently, micro-memory modules and the most advanced neuro-synaptic chip is engineered at Advanced Intelligence Systems (A.I.S.) in California. The world of possibilities explodes when the discovery of healing miracles is discovered within the Humanoid known as 7.1.


    Reliving - 2008 Screenplay / Spiritual Drama

    Logline: A sudden accidental death is never revealed until the moment arrives for the revelation of that past life.


    Uncensored Financial News - TV Pilot - Financial News Satire


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  • http://www.childofmankind.com


    Website for "Child of Mankind" TV Series

    Screenplays Under Management




    Genre: Science/fiction

    Logline: Imagine a universe governed by the principle laws of uncertainty, where reality is only a momentary state.


    Story: What if we were able to open a wormhole to another dimension; a dimension beyond our present known fabric of time and space? What if the impossible, were possible? What if our perception of reality were to constantly change? And the past, present and future were merely emergent properties of consciousness, and we could stream that consciousness from one parallel reality to another? And what if we already had?


    Screenplay: Darlenne Susan Girard & Mark Alberto Llerena

    WGAw: 1801785

    Screenplay available upon request.



    624 SQUADRON

    Genre: historical drama

     Logline: Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities... because, it is the quality which guarantees all others.


    Story: 624 SQUADRON is a WWII drama that chronicles the ill fated crew of a RAF Bomber Command squadron, whose responsibility was to give air support and transport to British Special Operations behind enemy lines, deep in Nazi occupied Southern France - and a clandestine band of French resistance fighters and saboteurs, whose mission was to hold back a battle hardened German military from sending reinforcements to the beaches of Normandy, in the summer of 1944.


    Story by: Darlenne Susan Girard

    Screenplay: Darlenne Susan Girard, Anton Diether & Christina Sky

    WGAw: 1696349

    Screenplay available upon request.




    Genre: suspense/thriller

    Logline: A crime boss's daughter fakes her own murder in an attempt to take over the family business.


    Story: John O’Connell - Private Investigator is hired by a mysterious Mr. Yellow to investigate the murder of a local Betel Nut Girl. But as it turns out, she is not exactly who she appears. In fact she is the daughter of Black Cat Lin; drug lord and underground kingpin of North City, and Winter Bloom is very much alive. O’Connell teams up with a beautiful police detective Ms. Willow, to bring Winter Bloom and her father to justice for the murder of the Betel Nut Girl. Double cross leads to double cross. Alliances shift like the tides. And in an foiled attempt to take over the family business from her father, Winter Bloom and Ms. Willow engage in the ultimate fight to the death between two deadly but beautiful masters over honor and betrayal.


    About: A classic detective story, with a touch of film noir, set in Asia.


    Story by: Paul Raymond Jackson


    Screenplay: Darlenne Susan Girard

    WGAw: 1363240

    Screenplay available upon request.




    Genre: action/fantasy/drama

    Logline: A young woman killed by a stray bullet from a 'drive-by' gone bad, comes back as an 'Angel' to help find the people that murdered her.


    Story: To homicide detective John Funk, she is not just another case. Soon it becomes apparent that this seemingly random act of violence is directly connected to the world of underground drug trafficking. Having recently lost his wife and daughter in a similar shooting, the case begins to take on a personal meaning when Funk discovers that both cases are profoundly and directly tied to each other. And it is only through the love of an Angel, willing to give up her immortal soul to save his, that brings this story to its climactic conclusion.


    About: Structured like similar successful films such as 'Heaven Can Wait', 'Chances Are', and 'Meet Joe Black' - Funk & Angel is a story about colliding cultures; and the belief in collective souls, collective hearts, with a collective destiny.


    Screenplay: Darlenne Susan Girard

    WGAw: 1412074

    Screenplay available upon request.




    Genre: adventure/family/drama

    Logline: A coming of age story set against the stunningly spectacular and rugged coast of the Pacific Northwest.


    Story: What begins as a tranquil whale watching tour soon plunges into a suspenseful fight for life. Their only hope lies with a young girl coming to terms with the recent loss of her mother and her spiritual almost mystical connection with these magnificent creatures of the deep. A poignant, heartfelt and moving story of universal drama. Socially and environmentally relevant, it is a wonderful family oriented journey of discovery.


    Screenplay: Darlenne Susan Girard

    WGC: S09-02386

    Screenplay available upon request.




    Genre: drama - 10 part television miniseries

    Logline: A 14 year old runaway caught up in a world of drugs, prostitution, and violence, living on the street, learning to survive, and not really caring if you don’t.

    Powerful, poignant, sensitive, and sometimes overwhelming, FREEFALLING is a two and a half year journey that begins with the loss of innocence, and ends with the death of a young girl in a skid row hotel room. And the story of everything that happens in between is FREEFALLING.


    Based on a novel by: Darlenne Susan Girard.


    Story: Darlenne Susan Girard Screenplay: Darlenne Susan Girard & Valeria Puig

    WGAw: 1364410

    Screenplay available upon request.




    Genre: satire/fantasy - short film script (12 pages)

    Logline: Somewhere between the edge of a busy freeway and the great void beyond, is a place called the ROADKILL CAFÉ. More 'here' than 'hereafter, it is the last stop before the final departure.


    Story: A salesman stops to change a tire. But when the dust clears, he unknowingly finds himself at the ROADKILL CAFÉ. Funny, dramatic, witty and a even little bit quirky, ROADKILL CAFÉ is a journey to the other side, where reality is not exactly what it seems, and neither are the patrons. And wherever he thought his last sales trip would take him, he never imagined he would end up here, at the ROADKILL CAFÉ.


    Screenplay: Darlenne Susan Girard

    WGAw: 1576439

    Screenplay available upon request.




    Genre: horror/drama

    Logline: The night hides the darkness - the street lights create the shadows - and hookers are only a veil for what lies beneath - vampires.


    Story: A young runaway finds life on the street more than just survival when she is taken under the wing by a beautiful creature of the night, who in fact is a creature of the night. And the games that are played out on each and every night, are not what they appear. It is an underworld where ‘johns’ and vampires exchange money for sex and sex for blood. And what seemed like a game, ends with deadly results in the NIGHTZONE.


    Screenplay: Darlenne Susan Girard

    WGAw: 1373445

    Screenplay available upon request.




    Genre: horror

    Logline: A history of murder, ghosts and intrigue surround a mansion in old Savannah, Georgia, in this supernatural rendition of a classic ghost story.


    Story: A father and college age daughter discover the truth to the saying, ‘Savannah is the most haunted place in America.’ Having inherited an old home in Savannah, they must face the upheavals in their lives caused by sudden wealth, while finding themselves tormented by the many ghosts haunting their home, intent on driving them insane. In a race against time, the father and daughter must unravel a frightening mystery surrounding the house that suggests a legacy of murder, rape and deceit.


    About: The Haunting of Savannah is a story that builds on the quaint and heart-warming landscape of Savannah, Georgia while building an intense and terrifying ghost story and supernatural horror.


    Screenplay: Darlenne Susan Girard & Jon Keeyes

    WGAw: 1364563

    Screenplay available upon request.



    Genre: dramedy/family/coming of age

    Logline: Sometimes it's hard to tell the aliens from your own family.


    Story: Dawn knows there is something strange about her family. Something more then just her parents being weird. And if they were aliens, what were they doing here on earth. But nothing could prepare her for what happens when the real aliens arrive. And the future of planet earth lies in the hands of two young girls.


    About: OB is about life long friendships, finding out that you are different, and learning that in life there are always hard decisions that have to be made - And choosing who will stay and who will go, will be the hardest choice of all.


    Screenplay: Darlenne Susan Girard & Christina Sky


    Screenplay available upon request.



    Genre: supernatural/thriller

    Logline: One for sorrow, two for joy. Three for a little girl, four for a boy. Five for silver, six for gold. Seven for a secret, never to be told.


    Story: A comatose little girl; a victim of a convicted serial child killer, seeks vengeance on her victimizer who still haunts her dreams. In a twist on reality, an FBI agent specializing in child abductions searches for a killer while her life is in an endless torment by the images of a reoccurring nightmare. Soon the young comatose child and the FBI agent’s nightmares merge, and the illusion of reality becomes intertwined within the dreams of a serial child killer.


    Screenplay: Darlenne Susan Girard

    WGAw: 1364406

    Screenplay available upon request.



    Genre: dark comedy - series pilot/movie

    Logline: A click of upscale narcissistic women play a strategic game of one-upmanship, sex and money.


    Story: Five stunning women formed their own official wives club: Hailey Houghton, Amanda Stone, Melanie Stone, Kristy Martinez, and the newcomer, Paige Lindbrooke. Uneasy friends, cunning rivals, and ruthless competitors; they find themselves at the whim and sexual mercy of a charismatic gossip columnist Dillon Capelli. Part mentor, part tormentor, but ever the manipulator; the women he controls are mere trophies, like the priceless porcelain swans that sit upon his mantel, they're willing to do almost anything to vie for his attention.


    Screenplay: Diedra Wayans & Darlenne Susan Girard


    Screenplay available upon request.




    Genre: supernatural/thriller

    Logline: Michelle and Anne make a promise to be best friends forever… and not even death would keep them apart.


    Story: Time took them from each other, and now ten years later, they have found each other again. Getting to know each other anew, Anne coerces Michelle into a sordid affair that brings turmoil into Michelle’s already rocky life. But then a series of bizarre events begin to unfold that lead Michelle down a terrifying path to the truth about her girlfriend’s past.


    About: LITTLE SISTER is first and foremost a character-building exploration of love and loss as told through the eyes of two childhood friends. However, Little Sister is also an erotic thriller told intelligently and artfully in the style of Adrian Lynne and Ken Russell. A modern day ghost story.


    Story: Darlenne Susan Girard


    Screenplay: Darlenne Susan Girard & Kaye Terrelonge

    WGAw: 1364408

    Screenplay available upon request.



    Genre: Sports Drama

    Logline: A young football star leaves his home to become a hero, only to fall from grace, and return a stranger.


    STORY: When washed up NFL quarterback Billy Bird goes home to Arkansas, his former high school coach Dallas Whitaker gives him a second chance at life, by offering him the job of running the school football team. After losing the season opener, Billy fires the assistant coach and hires his old teammate Eric Kelley to run the offense. But no matter how hard they try, the team continues to lose. Billy must make the hard choice of replacing their star quarterback Mike Bailey, with a young, up and coming Spencer Garrett. Soon the team is on a winning streak, and the championship seems within reach, but only if Billy can convince arch rivals Spencer and Bailey, that they must work together, will the team have a fighting chance to win the state championship.


    About: Structured like similar successful films such as; 'Hoosiers', 'Any Given Sunday, and 'Friday Night Lights - BILLY BIRD is a story about a man searching for all the things he lost, only to discover that the true measure of a man lies in all the things he has still left to give.


    Screenplay: John Mark Huckabee, Matthew Sidney Long & Darlenne Susan Girard

    WGAw: 1473633

    Screenplay available upon request.


    JUS IN BELLO - The Law of War

    GENRE: Action / Suspense / Thriller

    LOGLINE: Terrorists posing as D.C. firemen gain access to the White House and kidnap the President and his family


    STORY: A small group of well-armed, well-trained terrorists, gain access to the White House during the President’s daughter’s birthday gala, taking everyone hostage. It is up to Frank Tolliver, Head of White House Security to bring the situation under control. But things become more complicated when it is discovered that a bug has been planted in the White House security system, effecting both surveillance and communications. Worse yet, unknown to everyone, it turns out to be an inside job, orchestrated by someone close to the President; and everyone, including the terrorists, are merely pawns. With the main objective: to create a situation that would constitute a justifiable act of war - driven by fear, lies, and the price of oil.


    SCREENPLAY: John Mark Huckabee & Darlenne Susan Girard

    WGAw: 1800639

    Screenplay available upon request.


  • Writing in the Zone



    Television Pilot

    Pilot for Television

    Uncensored Financial News, LLC

    Managing Partner 

    Jan 2011 – Present


    Uncensored Financial News is a webisode series that focused on empowering American Taxpayers. The UFN Show integrates Television - Radio - Print Media & Social Media footage. It also accesses CSPAN & Senate Financial Committee clips regarding financial news affecting the entire US economy. America created the capitalist system that once served to enhance opportunities for all American families .... now serves the richest among us.

    Saratoga Screenwriter's Group, LLC

    Senior Screenwriter 

    Jan 2006 – Present


    We primarily focus on scripts with high concepts, humanitarian protagonist or emotionally fulfilling stories with underlying spiritual themes within. We enjoy writing screenplays that provide a message of hope or create awareness worldwide. The quality of our work is a serious matter. Our screenwriting goal is to create both a memorable and entertaining experience.

    Bay Area Law Offices

    Securitization Analysis 

    Jun 2007 – Feb 2010


    Investigations into the re-creation of the "Paper Trail" of Mortgage Notes into Trusts, Illegal Assignments, ROBO Signing, MERS trail, Registering Mortgage Backed Securities, Collateral Debt Obligations, Credit Default Swaps, AIG Insurance bailout, FNMA bailout, Fractionalization & Dilutions to conceal Fraud, Securitization reports for Pleadings & Causes of Action, Researching Federal and California Superior Court Published Opinions, Motions, Discovery, Points & Authorities.

    Washington Mutual

    Mortgage Banker 

    Feb 2001 – Mar 2003


    Serving a role in mortgage banking and refinancing prior to the financial collapse of Mortgage backed Securities.


    It’s rewarding to create & write for

    a higher purpose .



    Paralegal Classes at DeAnza Community College in Cupertino, CA. 1994-1996

    University of California, Los Angeles

    Writers Program 2008 - 2011

    Professional Training in Screenwriting by:
    Tom Lazarus (Stigmata)
    Chrysanthy Balis (Asylum)
    Karl Iglesias (Writing for Emotional Impact)

    Monterey Peninsula College

    Monterey, California

    Areas of Study - Journalism and Communications

    Writer on the College Newspaper "El Yanque"

    Academy of Art University

    San Francisco, California

    School of motion pictures & television (2018)

    School of writing for film, television & digital media (2018)

  • Ghost Writer

    Darlenne Susan Girard


    Darlenne Susan Girard


    I look forward to collaborating on this, and many more projects, now and into the future. Mark is a very determined and passionate writer, with a unique ability to envision both science fiction, with science fact, into a seamless story of alternate possibilities and realities.



    I fully recommend Darlenne Susan Girard – it is rare to find someone who brings tremendous writing experience, originality, enthusiasm and initiative to any project. Our writing team benefited greatly from Darlenne's dedicated work ethic, creative skills, and flexibility of thinking.






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